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With Mel

younger you would be so proud

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my NEW 12 week strength training program

this program is for those who want to push past plateaus, increase muscle mass, accomplish body recomposition, better understand strength programming, and take their training to the next level.

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About Me

My name is Mel, I am 24 years old. I graduated from University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2020 with a BS in psychology. I am a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), I have my Fitness Nutritionist Specialist certification (ACE), I currently work as an F45 personal training coach, and I have been an online coach for almost 2 years now.  

I have been an athlete my whole life however, my passion for fitness started roughly 6 years ago. Within those 6 years I have learned an incredible amount about the strength training, as well as myself.

I have struggled with an eating disorder, I have faced the overwhelming pressure to shrink myself, I have worn my body down to the point of destruction, I have punished myself with excessive cardio; I have been there. How did I fight my way out?

Strength training, understanding just how capable I am, the prideful feeling from hitting PRs, and most importantly... viewing health as something functional not physical.

My goal is to use the experience I have acquired through personal trial and error, the knowledge I have gained through research, and the confidence I have secured through stepping outside of my comfort zone to inspire others.

Strength training is my passion. I strive to grow, to push myself, to prove to myself that I CAN each and every workout. Exercising is a privilege and I want to spread my insight and passion for this privilege to however many I can.

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Online Coaching Application

Fill out the form below if you are interested in 1 on 1 individualized coaching.

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Purchasable Strength Building Guides

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